Fishing the Payette River, Idaho, Oct 2019

This fishing trip was on the Payette River near McCall Idaho. This family spends a lot of time on this stretch of river, especially when the run is just right. This day was in October and the fish were biting.

It was a relatively cold morning. We were eager to start hiking up the river to get some body heat into our cold boots. Our jackets didn’t come off until the sun lit up the river. Coincidentally, that’s when the fish started biting. Which I’m told is strange, apparently fish don’t like direct sunlight because it makes them easy prey. I suppose the fish in this river had a different idea.

As a photographer, I’m used to not being the expert in the activity itself. I did get a rod out and even caught a trout or two, but I spent the majority of my time looking at the scenery and trying to frame subjects. My subjects were excellent fishermen and a delight to spend the day with.

I definitely think this day was an adventure. Usually, I save that word for an outing that makes adrenaline spike. But, it was something new and unfamiliar to me. It was an exciting challenge for me to capture those moments of excitement for the fishermen. Moments when the strike indicator slips beneath the surface and the fish is hooked. Battles with a fish made up of many moments, punctuated by the fish leaping out of the water in an attempt to free itself. Finally, to net the fish and admire it, then release it back to its home.

Then, of course, there are my fantastic subjects. To spend the morning with them and hear their stories about why they fish. For dad, it’s always been a love. He doesn’t count the number of fish he catches in a day. He goes often, sometimes several times a week. He loves the time with his boys, and they enjoy the time with him. One son loves fishing almost as much as his dad, he even ties his own flies. The other son does it for the quality time. One thing is for certain, this is a family-fueled tradition. It was a pleasure being their adventure photographer.

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