Campsite on a Glum Day on a Montana Riverbank

I got this job as a content coordinator for Liberty Mountain. They’re an outdoor goods distributor, meaning we sell stuff to shops like REI. It’s more than just REI, that’s just the shop that everyone knows. They told me that the fact that I like to take photos was a bonus for them. They weren’t looking for that specifically in the position. I think I was supposed to take that to mean “okay kid, we know you like to take photos and that will be a very small part of your job but it’ll only be a very small part.”

However, I took it to mean “you can take photos whenever you want when you’re not on the clock and sometimes we’ll use them.” Um, hello dream job!

I promptly planned a trip to Montana to spend time with my uncle and his family. To be honest, I planned the trip because I wanted to take photos of a product that Liberty Mountain makes. We do make a few products under four brands: Peregrine, Olicamp, Cypher, and Outdoor Designs. So with a trunk full of gear and a tank of gas, I drove eight hours to Montana and spent two nights in my uncle’s basement cuddling with his dog. Best first week of work ever! Enjoy the photos.

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